Redness-Prone Skin

Sensitive reddish skin is a common condition among fair-skinned people. The first signs may be no more than occasional flushing, but over time symptoms tend to worsen. Avène products effectively target mild to more severe aspects of redness-prone skin, helping to alleviate discomfort quickly.

From Occasional Redness to Rosacea

If you have sensitive skin you probably already know how stressful situations, abrupt weather changes, or irritating skin care products can affect your complexion. But it’s even more important to know that symptoms are likely to progress if preliminary signs are dismissed. If occasional redness, or “flushing,” becomes more common it may become permanent, leading eventually to rosacea. Blood vessels become more apparent, and you may come to experience burning, stinging, bumps and pimples on your face if the condition is not addressed.

Avene Reduces Redness and Rosacea

Avène products can help you overcome these uncomfortable symptoms with daily applications. Clinical studies have shown that Avène products help many people like you to:

Though there are many treatments available, Avène has a proven track record in treating redness and rosacea. However, before beginning any treatment therapy you should consult your dermatologist to ensure the correct measures are being taken to address your particular symptoms.