Discover transformative journeys to the Avène Hydrotherapy Center

The force at which skin conditions impact quality of life is tremendous and sometimes it can seem like there is no end in sight. But for those who have lost their spirit to their skin condition, there is hope yet.

The force at which skin conditions impact quality of life is tremendous and sometimes it can seem like there is no end in sight. But for those who have lost their spirit to their skin condition, there is hope yet.


Since its creation, the Avène Hydrotherapy Center has been working and innovating every day to provide long-lasting impovement in overall health with the same desire: to help as many people as possible experience soothed skin and better quality of life.


The Hydrotherapy Center

A state-of-the-art facility dedicated to dermatology, provides care to over 3,000 skin-sufferers each year. All across the globe, dermatologists refer patients to a three-week long treatment to begin a soothing journey towards physical and emotional empowerment. These patients venture to Avène to find one thing: HOPE.


Discover Journeys to the Hydrotherapy Center


Shirin’s Post Cancer Treatment

Shirin Tinati will never forget the harrowing diagnosis she received in June of 2013. Triple Negative Ductal Carcinoma – a highly aggressive and rare form of breast cancer.


Carissa’s Post Cancer Treatment

On top of battling flare-ups, which left Carissa's skin raw and irritated, she also had to fight emotional insecurities that come with Eczema.


Aidan Post Cancer Treatment

Aidan has experienced chronic flare-ups all his childhood which not only effects his quality of life, but of the entire family as well.


A Haven of Hope for Sensitive Skin

The Hydrotherapy Center

Each three-week-long therapy session consists of dermatological appointments with a physician, baths, showers and many other hydro treatments. The Hydrotherapy Center has developed educational programs to assist patients in understanding their condition better and therefore optimizing the treatment benefits.


Dedicated to Dermatology

Treatment for sensitivity

Dedicated to dermatology, and equipped with high-performance medical equipment, Avène Hydrotherapy Center proposes innovative solutions and customized regimens to treat various dermatological indications, including:

  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Burn Injuries
  • Psoriasis
  • Ichtyosis
  • Chronic Itching
  • Burns
  • Oral Skin Conditions
  • Scalp Conditions
  • Post-Cancer Treatment Skin Side Effects

About Avène Thermal Spring Water

A Naturally Soothing Spray

Avène Thermal Spring Water has been soothing dermatological skin conditions for nearly 300 years and clinically proven by over 150 studies to soothe, soften and calm the skin. This unique water is drawn directly into the Hydrotherapy Center baths and production facility to ensure it's not exposed to contaminants or pollution - when water is sprayed, it's the first time it hits the air in over 50 years.

Mineral Properties

  • Low mineral content does not dry out skin
  • Calcium:Magnesium ratio softens and improves skin's texture
  • Neutral pH reduces sensitivity and maintains natural balance
  • Silicate-rich composition ensures gentleness and softens
  • Trace elements restore skin's natural barrier

Biological Properties

  • Unique microflora that only survives in deep, pure waters
  • Lipopolysaccharides, amino acids & sugars calm itching, irritation

Discover At-home Care Testimonials

Skin conditions, like eczema, can have a serious impact on quality of life. Sometimes, when it seems all hope is lost, trusted daily skincare treatments can provide much needed physical and emotional relief. Three members of the Avène community Julia, Jovi, and Veronica, discovered their own #avenehope right at home, using products targeted for their conditions.


Thermal Spring Water

Hydrotherapy Center

The Avène Hydrotherapy Center offers treatment for infants, children and adults suffering from dermatological conditions, skin side effects from cancer treatments, skin burns or surgical procedures. Patients can benefit from a state-of-the-art facility combined with personalized treatment programs in the serene setting in the South of France. Nature becomes a part of the treatment - ensuring well-being, tranquil and relaxing environment.