Avène History

The Thermal Spring



The therapeutic properties of Avène Thermal Spring were first discovered when a horse belonging to Marquis of Rocozels, suffering from dermatosis, rolled in the water regularly to soothe its itching skin. Its been told that the horse's coat was restored to its original shiny and healthy condition.


The undeniable properties of the water lead the Marquis' to build the first Avène Thermal Spring Water baths where they welcomed the first patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and burns.

First Patients Arrive


The Montpellier Academy of Medicine, the dermatological authority of Europe, recognizes Avène Thermal Spring Water for its therapeutic properties and efficacy.

These doctors recommended Avène Thermal Spring Water, thus confirming its efficacy and contributing to its reputation.
Doctor Recommended


Avène's thermal spring facility is recommended by many scientific leaders in dermatology, including Jean Louis Alibert, a pioneer of dermatology.

Pioneer of Dermatology



The reputation of the Avène Hydrotherapy Center quickly grows and Avène Thermal Spring Water, known for its soothing properties to treat skin concerns, is declared by the French government to be of official "public benefit".

Source of Public Interest


Avène Hydrotherapy Center is approved for reimbursement by the French Healthcare System.

Approved by French Government


Avène Hydrotherapy Center is purchased by Pierre Fabre Laboratories the second largest private pharmaceutical company in France today.

Pierre Fabre Acquires Avène Hydrotherapy Center



The first Eau Thermale Avène products are manufactured at the production site, established at the Spring to avoid moving the Water, bringing soothing benefits to the rest of the world.

Birth Of The Brand


Not far from the old baths, a new modern day facility opens to accommodate up to 2,000 patients. The Hydrotherapy Center is connected directly to the source of the spring to ensure the quality of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

A new Avène Hydrotherapy Center


Ther first available sterile, preservative-free product designed specifically for allergic skin. This unique packaging design provides skin with only essential ingredients to restore balance and preserve microflora.

Sterile Cosmetics Launches in the U.S.


An addition to the Hydrotherapy Center is added on to accommodate more patients.

Hydrotherapy Center Expansion


The scientific research facility is built at the Site and conducts clincial evaluation of over 170 studies, research testing and scientific communication on the Water.

Water Research Center


Avène Hydrotherapy Center was the first establishment in France to receive Aquacert HACCP Thermalisme certification - emphasizes compliance with good hydrotherapy practices & requires tri-annual audits and inspections for renewal.

Safety & Quality: Certified Hydrotherapy


"Eau Thermal Avène invested $39 million euros to put into place:
* Decreased city water use per metric ton of manufactured product by 73%
* reduced its CO2 emissions per metric ton of manufactured product by 52%
* ensures all energy on site is 100% hydroelectric".

Limiting Environmental Impact



A unique microflora, Aqua. Dolomiae, which is responsible for calming itching sensations, is extracted from Avène Thermal Spring Water. Aqua. Dolomiae is extracted to develop the key ingredient, I-Modulia, in the XeraCalm A.D collection.

Microflora Discovery


The Avène production facility is awarded ISO 14001, an environmental management standard that guarantees the plant works to reduce its environmental impact on operations, water, energy and waste management. This certification is valid for 3 years with annual audits.

Conserving Natural Resources


Researchers from Avène Dermatological Laboratories successfully developed a second extract derived from Aqua. Dolomiae, C+-Restore a new restorative ingredient in Cicalfate+ collection.

Postbiotic Benefits Revealed