Thank You to
Healthcare Heroes

Uncertain times often leave us feeling anxious and scared, but during our most challenging moments, frontline workers and heroes in scrubs fight tirelessly to ensure our safety. Thank you for everything that you do in our communities.

We are dedicated to helping
Healthcare Heroes

10,000 Products Donated

To support healthcare heroes across the nation, we have donated over 10,000 soothing, comforting skin care essentials for frontline workers who need it most.

In hospitals across the country, essential workers experience very dry, irritated skin from excess hand-washing and wearing medical grade face masks. We are proud to give back to honor their bravery and dedication with a donation of over $200,000 worth of our most soothing formulas.

600,000 Hand Sanitizers Produced

Since the onset of COVID, the teams at our dermo-cosmetic plant in France have been fully mobilized to produce a hydroalcoholic gel hand sanitizer, a product that we do not usually formulate, but is essential to keeping healthcare workers at the front lines safe and healthy.

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Restores and protects damaged skin by promoting an optimal environment for skin recovery. This protective wound care range can help speed the recovery process of compromised skin.

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XeraCalm A.D

Lipid-replenishing face and body care that directly targets the cause and source of itching, irritation and redness to restore comfort while helping to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

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TriXera Nutrition

Daily face and body care essentials for dry to very dry skin. Lightweight and gentle enough for frequent use, but rich in ceramides and fatty acids for stress-free nourishment and hydration.

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