Acne Adjunctive Care

Acne Adjunctive Care

While topical and oral prescription acne medications have proven to be very effective in treating pimples, skin dryness and irritation are very prevalent side effects amongst those undergoing treatment. Nodular acne occurs due to an excess production of sebum accumulation in our skin, which is significantly decreased when using various oral or topical medications. Though complexions may look oil and blemish-free, restoring the damaged hydrolipidic film can only be done with soothing, nourishing adjunctive care. Moisturizing, soothing, products that won’t reclog pores are essential to skin comfort.  

Targeted treatments for a clear, comforted complexion

Avène products are recommended by dermatologists worldwide and may be combined with acne medications and treatments. Visit the links below to learn which Avene products are best suited to you.


Acne/Adjunctive Care